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This Framework allows municipalities to measure and quantify the impacts and benefits of building renovation — encompassing social, economic and environmental benefits. By capturing this crucial local data, cities can identify renovation best practice, which can then be scaled up and inform national policy decisions.

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With its close vision richardson to the rolling Buda Hills, the town has charm outside the bustle of the capital city, while its favourable business tax rates has created a mini boom in companies taking residence here.

View of Budaörs from Törökugrató Hill These types of buildings became especially popular in East Germany in the s, before being adapted by Hungary. LPS blocks were built at a time when there was no energy efficiency regulation and they are not traditionally renowned for their architectural value, but the local government has worked to make vision richardson more attractive to inhabitants. Today, these neighbourhoods and buildings are fully renovated.

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The suburban parts of the settlement are becoming increasingly popular among those who want a pleasant, calm living environment instead of the hustle and bustle of the metropolis. Energy efficiency improvements of public buildings and renewable energy investments have also played a role in achieving this milestone.

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Examples of renovated LPS blocks in Budaörs However, while renovation is constantly underway in the public buildings of the city, the Budaörs renovation programme lags behind, mainly due to a lack of resources, adds Szabó. The local government often has to prioritise renovations which eliminate risks of structural problems, accidents, and immediately necessary repair work, over energy efficiency upgrades in its public building stock and fundings.

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By helping the city identify what renovation initiatives are successful and which are less so, the Framework can serve as a valuable tool for Budaörs to create its building renovation strategy. The city recognises that it cannot achieve its emissions targets without accelerating renovation, especially as over half of residential energy use is heating, and it believes the Framework will help it develop its building renovation strategy.

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Challenges and opportunities However, the Framework does present challenges to the local government. Elsewhere, General Data Protection Regulation GDPR laws prevent access to building permits and energy audit documents which are handled by the national government.

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The Framework has also raised the issue of the absence vision richardson látástermékek kombinációi on social indicators like indoor air quality and winter and summer thermal comfort levels, since there is currently no legal requirement to measure this. These issues will need to be overcome, and the municipality will now vision richardson a pilot knowledge base for social data in collaboration with HuGBC, using its own building renovation programmes as it begins to use the Framework on a daily basis.

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With the information thus available, city management can make better and more informed social, economic, and environmental decisions in the field of sustainability and climate protection.